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Blog Posts, Case Studies, Featured Articles, Product and Service Descriptions.  All of these and more can really help you to build your brand.

Why is written content so effective?

Well, one of the main reasons is for the SEO power that written texts harness.  Video and audio content are fantastic forms of content as well (we recommend a balanced strategy) but they do not have the same SEO influence (unless accompanied by notes or a transcript) as written text.

Adding regular blogposts to a site is a surefire way to keep moving up in Google Search Results for your keywords.

Written content is still the preferred form for many people.  While the popularity of video and audio content continues to increase, the written word is not going anywhere.  Many people enjoy sitting down and reading blog posts.  Also, reading is generally accepted in environments where audio and video may not be (such as sitting at a desk in an office)

But the main reason is for the SEO power that the written word brings.

The Google Algorithm continues to be driven by word searches, and these “keyword” searches are matched to the most relevant articles that appear online.  Of course, video and audio results can also appear in search results, but at the present time, search results are dominated by texts.

How often is your site being updated?  What impact do you think that has on Google Search results for your target keywords?

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