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In this audio, Paul Urwin interviews Dafydd Bayley-Hay and Oswald Osaretin Guobadia from DBH Solutions.

DBH Solutions is an African Infrastructure and IT Company, primarily based in Nigeria, West Africa.

DBH Solutions is an innovative company operating at the intersection of infrastructure, tech and services and focuses on providing clients with tailored, end-to-end solutions.

How did it all start?

Just over 10 years ago, Oswald and Dafydd both realized that there was a gap in the market in terms of how to set up and manage financial businesses.  They combined their efforts and came up with a different approach in terms of delivering the necessary infrastructure to clients.

What is different about DBH Solutions?

As Dafydd says, “The key here is that we have a holistic view of what’s going on.”, and “The experience of our customers is top of our list.”

There are certainly a number of different challenges within the industry including geographical displacements and legal considerations, and DBH has the experience and know-how to work these out and provide effective solutions for clients from across the region.

Oswald explains: “We pride ourselves in taking on each of those challenges and finding unique ways [to solve them]¬†– the DBH way as we refer to it.”

DBH Solutions really focuses on delivering solutions to clients, and listening to the interview will help you understand just how passionate Dafydd and Oswald are about actually making this a reality.

How to find out more
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