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content writing service for real estate

Content writing services for real estate business | Credible Content

What is a real estate content writing service?

A real estate content writing service is a company, such as There is Content, that helps clients create content for their website.

If this content is relevant and carefully-crafted, then it will help your real estate business to increase engagement and improve brand awareness – and ultimately it will generate more leads for your business.

And let’s not forget, the real estate market in the US is huge, with $222.3 bn in real estate sales and brokerage in 2023. This is a large, competitive market and content creation will help your company stand out!

content writing service for real estate

What sort of content writing services do we provide to real estate businesses?

Our web content writers for real estate help realtors, brokers, real estate businesses, real estate agents, listing agents, seller’s agents and any business involved in real estate in the US.

We help those businesses with the planning an creation of content for their real estate business.

This includes identifying the correct keywords to target, writing original content that will convert, adding tags and images and making sure that each article is optimized for SEO.

Top quality real estate content opens doors

If you have a website in the real estate sector and you are not publishing content on a regular basis, then you are missing out on potential opportunities.

Great content allows you to attract clients on an ongoing basis. Evergreen content (content that is relevant for some time, not only for a moment) means that one investment in content can continue to pay off for years to come.

8 Reasons To Work With Writing Services for Real Estate

It will help you to increase your brand awareness

Publishing content on a regular basis – usually every week – is going to increase your digital footprint. You will have more quality content published and accordingly more opportunities to rank for your desired real estate keywords.

Getting content in front of potential clients will increase the awareness associated with your brand, keeping you top of mind for when it is time for someone to move ahead and make a real estate transaction. They will think of you and your brand when they are ready to do business.

You have the expertise, but the fact is you probably don’t have the time to write

You are an expert in your business. In fact, no one knows more about the specific areas you work on in your real estate business. But your time should be spent with your real estate clients and in business development, not worrying about website content or how exactly a web content writer thinks.

That’s why it makes a lot of sense to outsource content creation to a company such as There is Content.

It will generate more leads for your real estate business

The real estate industry is very competitive and lots of real estate companies are after the same leads. Real estate agents work hard to create leads from all sources.

Having carefully written content that is optimized for SEO will help your real estate website to rank higher and will ultimately generate more leads.

It increases your authority in the sector, establishing you as a thought leader

content creation establishes authority

Creating and sharing written content on the sector of real estate can help establish you and your company as an authority.

This is important because it is going to enable you to grow your business over time and generate more and more leads.

This can be done by employing content writing services for real estate. At There is Content we make sure that your content is carefully written, includes the correct keywords and title tags, and includes the appropriate number of both internal and external links that will help your content to rank higher in Google.

And we don’t just provide any old content writing services, we work with experienced real estate writers to make sure that your posts will help you move up in the search engine rankings.

It shows potential clients that your company is alive and well and keeps up to date!

There is nothing worse than visiting a real estate blog and discovering that it hasn’t been updated in over a year.

Many potential clients see this as a sign that the business is no longer active.

It can lead to a higher bounce rate (where visitors leave your page quickly) and that can affect your Google ranking negatively.

Real estate clients are busy (just like everyone else) and will quickly move onto the next real estate website if they don’t find what they are looking for on yours.

Employing an external real estate content writer, allows you to focus on your core business.

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners have a range of skills that have enabled them to get to a certain point.

If you are looking to scale your real estate business, then you will almost certainly need to outsource some non-core tasks to enable that.

You need to be focusing on the areas in your business where you can really add value and leave the rest to the experts in specific areas.

If you are a real estate entrepreneur who has built their business from the ground up then you may find this difficult, but it’s the only way to scale! A real estate content writer will make sure your website is delivering in the search engines and

It will save you lots of time compared with trying to write blog articles yourself

You might actually be good at writing blog articles, but the fact is, if you are going to scale your real estate business, you don’t have the time that a real estate writer does.

Working with a company such as There is Content, that provides content writing services, is going to enable you to improve your position in the search engine rankings and stand out in the very tough real estate industry.

It can help you scale your content production, without the need to hire an in-house content creation team

Real estate content experts can help you to scale your business. You don’t need to create an in-house team to work on your real estate website – that take too much time and investment and would take you away from your core activities – those where you are the real expert.

Real Estate Content Writers are Experts who will Enable Your Business to Scale

By working with specialist real estate content writers, you will be able to post content that is really going to have an impact.

Real estate writers understand the sector and therefore you will actually get posts that reflect your specific needs.

At There is Content, we make sure to dedicate time to understanding each client’s specific needs – this will enable your real estate company to rank highly in Google.

Unfortunately, many real estate businesses simply do not work with specialists, and publish lots of content that is not very effective.

What is a Real Estate Content Writer?

A real estate content writer is someone who is 1) a great writer and 2) understands and has experience in writing for the real estate sector. Working with a real estate writer (rather than a general writer) is going to position your real estate articles as authority content, establishing your real estate business as a market leader that provides engaging content.

It is a good use of your marketing budget, because when your content is live, it can continue to generate value for you for years to come. This differs from PPC advertising where once it’s spent, it’s spent!

A good real estate content writer will help you create high quality content that is evergreen.

Evergreen means that the content, which is based on keyword research, will be relevant for many years to come.

The results are measurable.

At There is Content, our expert real estate writers enable you to get the required results. And the best thing is that these results can be measures.

Page visits, leads generated and even sales that are directly attributed to a content marketing strategy can be measured.

content writing service for real estate

Who Do We Provide Real Estate Content For?

We help all actors within the real estate market, including:

  • real estate agents

  • real estate brokers

  • real estate developers

  • financial real estate partners (investors)

  • financial advisors for real estate (including mortgage advisors)

  • interior designers

  • real estate investors

  • home stagers

  • seller’s agents

  • buyers agents

How does it work?

The first thing to do is to book a free discovery call with our content creation team. We will talk to you about your monthly content needs and explore how we can help you.

If there is a match, we help you to complete the onboarding process and the our real estate writers get to work.

Do you provide images to go with my real estate content?

Yes, all of our the content created by There is Content comes with appropriate images that add to the value of the written work created by the real estate writer.

Images are very important because they help bring the text to life. We use royalty-free images and make sure that they have the correct tags that will help you in the search engine rankings.

And, instead of using standard real estate stock images such as this one:

content writing service for real estate

We create tailored images such as this one:

tailored images for your real estate business

How Much Does Real Estate Content Marketing Cost?

The pricing for website content varies greatly, as does the quality of content writers and therefore the quality of the content itself. At There is Content, we provide high quality content at affordable prices.

How Can I Get Started?

It’s very easy to get started. The first step is bo book a discovery call with our content marketing team. It’s completely free – and we will talk about your company and explore ways in which we are able to help you share your real estate expertise with your target audience.


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