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Terms and Conditions for There is Content Plans

This document sets out the terms and conditions of the monthly plans offered by There is Content (“the provider”) to all customers and clients (“the client”)

  1. Credits

The monthly fee paid by the customer purchases a certain number of credits, depending on the plan purchased.

These credits can be used to purchase pieces of content such as blogposts, audio interviews and videos, among others.

Unused credits in one month will be carried over for 2 additional months.

Credits expire after 3 months and will not be carried over after this time.

  1. Turnaround Times

We believe in providing quality services to all of our clients and, as a result, we do not stipulate exact turnaround times for each piece of content.

Nevertheless, we also understand the importance of a fast delivery, and the following may serve as a guide:

Blogposts / Articles (500 words)                                       3 working days

Audio Interview                                                                    5 working days

Video Production                                                                  7 working days

These times may vary, and other pieces of content may have different turnaround times.

  1. Changes / Edits

If any changes are required to any of the pieces of content submitted we will make them as required in order to guarantee complete satisfaction with each piece of content.

In order to request changes to a piece of content, a client must still have an active plan with There is Content.  These changes must be requested altogether in one batch (to avoid various iterations for the same piece of content).

All requests should be submitted via email to within a maximum of 1 month after the initial delivery of the piece of content.

The most important point for us is that all clients are completely satisfied with the final version of their content.

  1. Licensing

In the case of blogposts and video content where images have been used, these images have been purchased or legally downloaded by There is Content and are completely free to use within the piece of content in which they appear.

These images may not be copied from the piece of content in which they appear and used in other pieces of content without the permission of There is Content, in many cases this may require the purchase of an additional license.

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