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The use of audio content has rocketed in the last few years.  According to this article from Convince and Convert

  • 112 million Americans have listened to a podcast
  • 67 million Americans listen to podcasts monthly, and
  • 42 million Americans listen to podcasts weekly

The numbers are huge, and they are on an upward trend.  And the above numbers just refer to podcasts, but of course there are other forms of audio content as well.

The use of audio clips to promote brands and help businesses get their messages out also appears to be on the increase.  An audio clip is simply an audio recording that can be shared, usually via a link (podcasts tend to be regular, say weekly, “shows”).

Companies can make effective use of both audio clips and podcasts.  An audio clip might be used for a one-off interview for example, and an internal podcast could be posted on a weekly basis to keep employees up-to-date with company news, future plans, and to help create a company culture.

What are the Advantages of Audio Content?

While we always recommend a balanced, cover-your-bases, approach to content creation that includes audio, video and written content, there are some special features about audio that are worth keeping in mind.  After all, it’s not only important to produce great content, but to produce great content for the right audience, and this means understanding who consumes each of the different types of content.

One of the main advantages of audio is the take-it-anywhere ability – you can listen to a podcast while jogging first thing in the morning, or on a drive home late at night, both situations in which the consumption of written or video content is not to be recommended!

Then there is also the intimacy of audio content.  Listeners are generally able to relate to the host and any guests that the host interviews.  I don’t know whether it’s the fact that there aren’t so many other distractions – but one thing is for sure, audio is supremely effective at getting the message across.

So, if you are looking to develop you company culture, disseminate important information, or even create an edu-tainment space with interviews and competitions, audio is well worth considering!

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