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About Paul

Positive momentum has been a way of life for Paul Urwin from the outset.

A UK native, he grew up in Somerset, a straight-A student and chess champion at Wellington School. A nod toward fitness and a competitive spirit even landed him a spot on the third XV rugby team.

At Imperial College in London, Paul was awarded a place to read for a Master’s Degree in Aeronautical Engineering. He also spent a year studying abroad at RWTH Aachen, a German research university.

Upon completion of his studies he embarked on a career in finance, where his instincts and enjoyment for business began to solidify. Day to day operations in “corporate” life while working at Schroders, Russell Investment Management and BlackRock in a variety of roles (sales, client service, fund management), provided a strong foundation, and great preparation for the future, which was not far off.

The big change came in 2000 with another financial sales role, this time in Bogotá, Colombia. Paul never looked back!

In Colombia he put his business creativity and language skills to work on his own venture (more change!) as a translator and business English coach. Very early on, within weeks in fact, Paul noticed the potential for turning his freelance activities into a real business and founded Inglés Bogotá, an organization which today offers translation, interpreting and voice-over services.

The company grew quickly, attracting clients from around the globe. It was around 2005 that Paul (ever the engineer aka closet “tech” aficionado), developed an interest in all things “online.” He became a student of digital marketing, launched his first podcast and built scads of web pages and digital sales funnels. His growing curiosity expanded Inglés Bogotá into new areas.

One day a client asked him to voice record a translation. Almost overnight Paul morphed into a professional voice actor, providing voice-over services to global brands like Ford, Coca-Cola, Ironman and GlaxoSmithKline, among many others. Today he specializes in corporate and explainer videos, providing authoritative, educational and impactful voice to video content.

Increasingly adept at selling and managing complex enterprise translation, Paul began to help others; coaching language professionals to present their online presence more effectively, master their mindset, grow their client base and develop businesses that really work. He increasingly shared his expertise via webinars, as an online panelist and keynote speaker, through coaching calls, presenting at conferences and launching digital courses.

He was appointed Training Development Coordinator at with a simple goal: to help freelance translators achieve massive success. He currently helps the team with content development, eLearning solutions and the new training portal.

In response to his ongoing fascination with content: using the power of written, audio and video content to engage audiences and increase brand awareness, Paul set up There is Content to assist business clients with content creation needs.

Even more learning ensued: audio/video editing, graphic design, building multilingual websites using WordPress, and managing sales funnels using lead magnets and email marketing. Paul started to harness the power of outsourcing and community, building a global team of remote workers, experts from different countries and disciplines around the world, all contributing to common business goals.

Recently, after many years running his own businesses, Paul began to notice that freelancers and early-stage entrepreneurs / business owners in a variety of niches often need help. Many with commendable success have reached a plateau, where limiting beliefs or lack of technical expertise is holding them back.

In 2019, Freelancers and Entrepreneurs was launched, to specifically help freelancers, early-stage entrepreneurs and small business owners totally transform their businesses. In the process Paul grew and managed Facebook and Instagram communities, started hosting the Freelancers and Entrepreneurs Podcast, and launched his latest Business Transformation Coaching Program.

Business Transformation Coaching helps students overcome limiting beliefs, master their mindset, and set up effective online strategies. In this program, creative individuals transform their businesses and their lives.

Find out more about Business Transformation Coaching here.

Ok, not everything changes…No matter how many years in Bogotá (or anywhere else on the planet), Paul’s loyalty to Liverpool (Football Club) isn’t going anywhere. A true international citizen, he also loves good food and does whatever he can to avoid traffic jams.

Oh, and he didn’t go on to play professional rugby, but does hit the gym regularly. Online chess and reading are great forms of therapy and he always, always takes plenty of time for family, away from work.

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